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Wearable Antenna Products

Pharad is the world’s leading supplier of wearable antenna products. The unique form factor of these antennas is made possible by incorporating Pharad’s patented Flextenna® flexible antenna technology. These wearable antennas are the ideal antenna solution for first responders, soldiers, marines, and security/intelligence personnel operating covertly. The lightweight, unobtrusive design and flush mounting of Pharad’s wearable antennas provide the most user-friendly alternative to whip or stub antennas. Pharad offers various mounting configurations and spatially diverse antenna systems. Standard connector options allow these antennas to easily connect to most radios.

Connectors Available:
BNC Connector
TNC Connector
SMA Connector
QMA Connector
N-Type Connector

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Wearable Antenna Accessories

Pharad also offers wearable antenna accessories to help you integrate wireless communications into the clothing that your application requires.

Wearable Antenna Accessories

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Model Number Frequency Application
BW-2-30 2 – 30 MHz HF
BW-30-512 30 – 6000 MHz SINCGARS, MBITR
BW-30-512-EG 30 – 6000 MHz EW, ISR, Comms
BW-200-260 200 – 260 MHz VHF Communications
BW-225-2500 225 – 2500 MHz JTRS
BW-330-380 330 – 380 MHz UHF Communications
BW-350-450 350 – 450 MHz UHF Comms, TETRA
BW-380-430 380 – 430 MHz TETRA
BW-420-450 420 – 450 MHz EPLRS
BW-470-480 470 – 480 MHz Application Specific
BW-700-3000 700 – 3000 MHz LTE
BW-800-900 800 – 900 MHz 800 MHz Voice
BW-800/900/1800/1900 800/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad band
BW-900-1000 900 – 1000 MHz ISM
BW-900-6000 900 – 6000 MHz Multiband applications
BW-1228/1575 1228/1575 MHz GPS L1/L2
BW-1350-1390 1350 – 1390 MHz L-band
BW-1575-A 1575 MHz GPS L1-Active
BW-1616-1627 1616 – 1627 MHz Iridium
BW-2400-2500 2400 MHz WLAN/PRR
BW-2400-2500-EG 2400 MHz WLAN, enhanced gain
BW-2400-6000 2400 – 6000 MHz WLAN, directive
BW-3000-10000 3000 – 10000 MHz UWB
BW-3000-10000-EG 3000 – 10000 MHz UWB, enhanced gain
BW-5200-5900 5200 – 5900 MHz C-band

       * Dual radiator diversity configurations (-D) available for most models

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