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Covert Vehicle Antenna Products

Pharad's octane® low visibility antennas are the highest performing antennas available as off the shelf products for covert vehicle applications.

Pharad offers a wide variety of low observable antennas for vehicle and personnel applications. These covert antennas are virtually indistinguishable from their surrounding environment. Whether the antennas are worn on a civilian, integrated within the body of an automobile, or molded into structural and architectural features of buildings and manmade structures, Pharad's Antenna Development team offers unique solutions that address the challenge of engineering efficient radiators for RF communication, signal intercept and intelligence, and electronic warfare systems.

Features and Benefits

  • 30 - 10,000 MHz models available
  • Covertly integrated into OEM features of vehicles
  • Can custom integrate antennas to any vehicle

Pharad’s offering of covert vehicle antennas provide high performance radiating apertures integrated into OEM features of vehicles, including roof racks, mirrors, windows, bumper covers, and more.

Shark fin antenna

Model Number Frequency Concealment
AA-130-550-CTT 130 – 550 MHz User Tunable Window or Molding Sticker
VMSF-136-174 136 – 174 MHz OEM Shark Fin Antenna
VMSF-162-172 162 – 172 MHz OEM Shark Fin Antenna
VMSF-370-460 370 – 460 MHz OEM Shark Fin Antenna
VMSF-700-3000 700 – 3000 MHz OEM Shark Fin Antenna
VMSF-1600-6000 1600 – 6000 MHz OEM Shark Fin Antenna
101812 30 – 512 MHz Crossbar Roof Rack
102353 240 – 320 MHz Crossbar Roof Rack
102051 700 – 3000 MHz Crossbar Roof Rack
102392 800 – 6000 MHz OEM Side View Mirror

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